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Welcome to the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Northern Wisconsin State Fair!
Visit our website or stop by the office for an Exhibitors Guide and Entry Worksheet.
1. Start by reading the Information Pages for Junior or Open Fair found on our website or in the Exhibitors Guide.
2. Use the website or paper exhibitors guide AND the entry worksheet to prepare for your online registration.
3. Animal exhibitors gather all necessary paperwork and numbers such as:
-- Number of animals per species that will be coming to the fair.
-- YQCA, for Junior Fair: required during online entry AND send a paper/pdf to the fair office by 6/21.
-- Premise ID number.
-- Health paperwork, may include: CVI, Scrappies, Coggins, or Pullorum. During online entry include the date of the test or other identifying number, AND send a paper/pdf to the fair office by 6/21.
4. We are here to help. Connect with the Entry Department for assistance.  Email dtotzke@nwsfa to schedule an appointment.
Now you are ready to use our new software, ShoWorks, to enter your items!
Tip 1: The "Quick Group" feature should be used by families and schools to create individual entry carts that can be paid for at one time.
Tip 2: Save your cart before exiting, and make note of your password so you can re-enter ShoWorks as needed.
Tip 3: Watch for buttons that say "add similar entry" and "auto-fill from previous".
Entries are due June 21st.
We look forward to seeing you at the Fair,  July 12-16, 2023!